Tuesday, April 19, 2011

set a time block for that writer's block!


So just last week i was trying to finish one of my songs.  After screwing around on the guitar I couldn't seem to come up with anything.  So I decided to force myself to write a song in an hour.  Knowing how awful I am at working under pressure I set some boundaries so I wouldn't be doomed for failure.  Come up with a simple verse melody and chorus melody.   I had a friend that had projects due one right after the other. He told me the key to being able to write is to go with your first thought and go with it.  No more crazy editing.  Of course I wasn't such a huge fan of that but if you need a song done in a certain time frame going with your first thought isn't such a bad idea.

I also had some help from a piece of paper that was on my teacher's wall.
It was a diagram of chord functions.  It helped me to come up with something quick.

I will post a pic in the next blog because my comp seems to not be working. =T....

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