Tuesday, April 26, 2011

time a dozen...

Something I find that really helps with the writing process is having a deadline.   
You force yourself to focus and once you do beautiful things happen.  I found that when I set a deadline for myself I was able to at least FINISH something.  It wasn't necessarily the best song or the best songs, but I got something done.   Next time set a limit for yourself.   

I forced myself to write a verse melody and chorus melody in an hour.  Got it done!  Set a deadline for yourself.   I think it would even help to have other people involved.  Get a buddy and say... " hey i have this song i want to show you, let me show it to you on thursday!"....and you won't actually have a song YET, but now there is another person involved. So you HAVE TO GET IT DONE.  bambam pow.  DO IT.

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