Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So I just showed one of my unfinished songs to my teacher Mr. Jim McElwaine.

I was having trouble finishing the rest of the song because lyrically and dynamically I didn't know where to go.  He "don't write the truth".  I mean if he had told me this a few years back I would've been appalled.

Who could possibly write lyrics based off something that wasn't real true hard lived emotions???  ( EMO!)

But its true.  I started writing music that really evoked emotions I wanted to when I stopped trying to be completely personal.  Anyway, he asked me to make a background story for this character that I'm trying to write about even if that info won't be in the song.  This would help to come up with the story.  He also told me that it was really important to step back from my music.  I always thought I did.  But then I realized that every time I go back to play the song I would perform it. Even if it was just performing to myself.  I'm so engulfed in the emotion of the song that I couldn't step back to listen to the form and melody.

So i guess thats two tips for you.

1.) Write a background story for your characters.
2.) Step back from your music.

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